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We are already using our senses to experience the world before we can speak. The feelings that shape our experiences become afterthoughts as we get older and have more things on our minds. You can stay in the moment and deepen intimacy by becoming aware of the various emotions and sensations. Yes, this awareness can also improve your orgasms, pleasure, and sex. Sensation play is the practice of using your senses in a variety of ways to increase your pleasure. These senses can take many different forms, including visual, auditory, and tactile ones. People enjoy a variety of sensational games. They may be enjoyable or unpleasant. Even certain senses can be combined, used to engage another sense, or enhanced by sensory deprivation.

Feel / Touch

Your arm should be touched. Touching your arm is one of many options. Feel your hand and fingers gliding or tapping your arm as you make skin-to-skin contact. Feel your body's various parts to feel how they react to various movements. A partner can follow suit as well. Try purchasing a lotion bottle with your preferred scent if you want more reasons to concentrate on touch. Every day, set aside some time to use lotion to take a break, listen to your body, and take care of yourself.


Certain sounds can cause you to feel tingly, or ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). It is occasionally used for sexual gratification as well as to help people fall asleep or unwind. The fundamentals of ASMR are covered in this Safiya Nygaard video, along with some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of how "ASMRtists" make their videos.


You can learn more about your body by using a basic hand mirror. You can use your hand mirror to examine your genitalia in addition to using it to check for facial hair or apply makeup. Using a hand mirror can help you see what your vagina looks like because it might be more challenging to see it from the ground up. To learn what your body does when you become aroused or experience an orgasm, you can even touch yourself while using it.


Deeply ingrained associations and memories can be triggered by smells. Get a scent and an aromatherapy kit to help you unwind, or keep your lover's scent on your shirt or pillow, especially if you miss them and they aren't around. You can get started with the help of this gift set.


Some foods have been said to increase your level of arousal. Depending on history and culture, it appears that that is the case as well as what those foods are. Given that our stomach and brain are interconnected and that what we eat may have an impact on our minds, which in turn may influence how we experience sex and pleasure, there may be some justification for this.


Try something new and observe your response or feelings. What isn't measured or at least tracked is difficult to improve. You can give something a shot that you really enjoy, sort of remember it and then move on. Don't do that; studies have shown that sex life is significantly improved by those who regularly journal. Create a list of two to three sensations that you find interesting, give them tries, and note how they turn out. More useful link .

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