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Sex can be wild, enjoyable, experimental, close-knit, quick, mind-blowing, casual, and even a little kinky. You might be panting from exhaustion or curled up in a romantic tizzy in your partner's arms. Slow sex isn't just about having it slowly, despite what the name might imply. The goal of slow sex is to engage in more conscious, mindful sexual activity with your partner. It involves being present, examining one another's bodies, and delaying the act to experience orgasm. Slow sex is considered to be the sexual activity that resembles making love. A more romantic sexual life results from slow sex, which emphasizes exploration, trust, and intimacy. To help them get closer emotionally, physically, and sexually, many couples engage in passionate, slow sex.

Greater Intimacy

You and your partner are more likely to talk about foreplay, pleasure, boundaries, and fantasies before and during slow sex if you practice it. Greater intimacy and communication can result from opening up this channel of communication. Greater intimacy frequently results in genuine passion and fantastic sex.

Rekindle the Romance

When you adopt the same daily routine, your sexual life may occasionally lose some of its heat. You can increase the intentionality of sex by switching it up with slow-moving sexual activity. It's simple to become engrossed in daily routines in an LTR. Reconnect in a closer, more personal way to maintain your sexual passion. The extra time spent talking about what makes each other tick can be crucial. More useful link .

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